name our presidential turkeys

     On Thursday, December 9, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo will become the home of a couple of high-profile Washington elite; two tom turkeys from the flock raised by Foster Farms for the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

     Happy Hollow was contacted by Foster Farms in their efforts to find “forever homes” for the remaining flock, “ Were excited to have the turkeys join the Zoo as it gives us the opportunity to showcase a unique breed originating from the Americas,” says Valerie Riegel, Curator. “They’ll live on the Double “H” Ranch, part of the new Happy Hollow that represents San Jose’s old Ranchos, and be a part of the contact area allowing guests a closer experience to these 45 lbs. birds.”

     While these birds were ultimately not chosen to meet the President (their brothers Apple and Cider had the honor the day prior to Thanksgiving), these two toms (male turkeys) still hold the honor of being a part of the Presidential flock. The birds have had a unique upbringing; they are two of the twenty-five birds selected from a flock of 20,000 turkeys raised specially by Foster Farms on one of the family-owned company’s historic ranches. The turkeys were given special training to be more comfortable with people and exposed to more sounds and sights than most turkeys; this makes them good candidates for Happy Hollow’s animal contact area. The turkeys are Nicholas Strain birds, a breed which originated in California’s Sonoma Valley, prized for their thick, white, smooth plumage and brightly colored heads.

Please submit your turkey name suggestions.
- All submissions must be received by December 23, 2010.
- The Turkeys will be picking their own names in January – more details to follow.


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