Purchase your Happy Hollow

Park & Zoo Membership On-line!

Membership Dues

Quantity: 1 – 3 Memberships = $35 per person
Quantity: 4 – 12 Memberships = $30 per person

Memberships are priced on an individual basis at $35 per person (same price for adults ages 18+ or for children ages 2-17). A discount of $5 off each membership will be extended when purchasing 4 or more memberships at the same time. The discount is only valid when the memberships are purchased together on a single transaction (maximum limit of 12 memberships per transaction). Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Membership dues are not tax-deductible.

Membership Renewals On-line

Can I renew my Happy Hollow membership(s) on-line?

YES – If your membership has already expired or will expire at the end of this month, you may renew your membership on-line.

NO – If your current membership expires next month or later – DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR RENEWAL ON-LINE. Please contact the Happy Hollow Membership Department to apply for an early renewal so your expiration date can be adjusted. If you renew early on-line, you will lose the remaining months on your existing membership and your expiration date cannot be adjusted.

Admission Ticket Credit

If you recently visited Happy Hollow, you may apply your admission ticket toward the purchase of your membership within 7 days of your visit. To receive the credit you must submit the ticket stub along with your membership application at the time of purchase. Ticket credits cannot be processed on-line. You may purchase your membership on-site or mail in your membership application (must be postmarked within 7 days of your visit). Limit of one ticket credit per qualifying member. Offer not valid for Group or Party tickets.To print a membership application form to mail with your ticket credit, please click here.

Gift Memberships

Share your love of Happy Hollow with your friends and family by giving them their own ticket to a year’s worth of whimsical memories! Gift memberships can be purchased on-site at the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo entrance (view our operations calendar for open times), on-line, or through the mail. Click here to print a gift membership application form. Before purchasing a gift membership, please contact the Happy Hollow Membership Department to verify that the gift recipient does not already have a current membership. Please note, memberships purchased on-line do not include a gift announcement card or gift packaging and membership cards will be mailed directly to the Members’ address that you enter on-line. To ensure your friends and family receive notification of your thoughtful gift, click here to print a gift announcement card.

If you prefer to print and mail your membership application instead of purchasing your membership on-line, please click here.

To contact the Happy Hollow Membership Department, please call
(408) 794-6444 or e-mail hhpzmembers@sanjoseca.gov.

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