Happy Hollow Foundation

Events: Doing Good and Having Fun, Together

Engaging supporters in the important work of Happy Hollow Foundation is serious fun. Being a donor means invitations to special events, behind-the-scenes opportunities, and a chance to make a real connection with the animals, attractions and causes our supporters make possible.

Kristi Yamaguchi's Reading Adventures

Kristi Yamaguchi’s Reading Adventures returns in 2018, offering a family-friendly celebration of literacy with celebrity guest readers, children’s authors, child-friendly activities and special entertainment. The event is a partnership with Kristi’s Always Dream Foundation and presented with generous support from San Jose Water Company.

Invitation-only events

Stay tuned for information on Danny the Dragon's Dreambuilders!  Generous gifts to the Happy Hollow Foundation are recognized with custom behind-the-scenes animal encounters, memberships and more!  Contact the foundation at 408 277-3498 or email our Executive Director at director@hhpz.org 

Hoot & Howl

Hoot & Howl, our signature event celebrated its 7th year on September 9th with exploding ticket sales and a reputation as one of the best parties in Silicon Valley. Our guests enjoyed top-notch gourmet food and drinks from Catered Too!, up-close encounters with animals from Conservation Ambassadors, a rockin’ dance floor from zookeeper and DJ John Beaver, and a dazzling array of entertainment and play, including theme lounges, bathtub races, roller coaster rides and much more. 

Jungle Love, Heart of the Congo, and more

For those wanting more, Jungle Love on Valentine’s Day, Heart of the Congo in June, and Dr. Laurie Marker's Garden Party are zoo events supported by the Foundation, offering a delightful evening out for adults after hours in the zoo and opportunities to engage in conservation work around the world.

Happy Hollow Foundation is grateful to the many sponsors and supporters who make our events and our important work possible. Thank you.

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