Happy Hollow Foundation


Happy Hollow Foundation Thanks its Generous Donors!


$1,000,000 +

Patty O'Malley

$50,000 - $999,999

Linda Lee Lester

$10,000 - $49,999

County of Santa Clara
The Health Trust
Kaiser Permanente
Janice King
Lexus of Stevens Creek
Hilary Valentine and Don Listwin
Melody Walsh
West Valley Construction
Method 42 Productions
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Willow Glen Honey

$5,000 - $9,999

D'Ambrosio Real Estate
Del Grande Dealer Group
Farrington Foundation
Green Waste Recovery
Kieve Foundation
Kristi Yamaguchi's Always Dream Foundation
Lori and John Manfroy
The Dan and Diane Riccio Charitable Fund
Rotary Club of San Jose
San Jose Water Company
The Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust
Technology Credit Union
Cafe Stritch

$2,500 - $4,999

Vikki Bowes-Mok* and H.B. Mok
S.J. Demkowski Construction, Inc.
The Flea Market
Foley Mortgage Group
Mike and Mary Ellen Fox
Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg
Erik Gutfeldt and Deborah Goldeen
Hopkins & Carley, LLP
The Hudson Companies
Kristin and Jeffrey Huget
Johanson & Yau Accountancy
Lissa Kreisler*
Lewis & Tibbitts, Inc.
Misha Patel Studio LLC
Cindy and Rob Newberry
Northern Underground Construction
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
R & B Company
Adi and Guy Rom
Marianne and Carl Salas
Star One Credit Union
Jimm* and Rhonda Vosburgh


$1,000 - $2,499

Audi Stevens Creek
Gregg and Tracy Baeckler
Laura and Jason Bennert
Leanne Bernhardt and John Bernstein
Michael Borkenhagen*
Jeff and Donna Boss
Rebecca and Matthew Bright
Brownlee Foundation
Debbie Tidwell Bylina
Colliers International
Chris* and Gene del Pilar
Angela and Dave Delgado
Gretchen and Matthew DiNapoli
Vanessa and Clayton Fiske
Shellie and David Fry
Laura Henderson and Jason Silva
Emmanuel T. Hernandez Charitable Foundation
Judy and Warren Kaplan
Kristine Kelly and Arthur Gleckler
Kat Killeen
Heather and Andy Lerner
Links for Life Foundation
Beth Longwell Foundation
Philip and Alicia Martin
Charlie McCollum*
Jared* and Melissa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Moershel
Olander Family Foundation
Patrick Olsen
Helen and Eddie Owen
Amy and Sal Pizarro
Sara Ramsey
Elaine and Alan Salmassian
San Jose Earthquakes Community Fund
Max Schultz*
Reva Shilmover
Silicon Valley Concierge Association
Bill Tuttle*
Ronda and Tony Vierra
Kirk Walukiewicz*
Shannon Wass
Western States Oil
Frank and Susan Yaeger
Bob and Christine Young



* Board Member of Happy Hollow Foundation

Special Event Tickets are not reflected in Donor Recognition

As of March 26, 2018



In Memory of Holly Hayes

Jackee and Lou Alexander
Adonna Amoroso
Michael and Lorraine Antonucci
J. Bailon
Laura Balaoro
Dean and Judy Bartee
Judith Neumen and David Beck
Adrienne Bennett
Laurie Bennett
Vikki Bowes-Mok
Brittania Arms
Janelle Browning
David and Barbara Burdy
David J. Butler
Liz Calhoon
Lou Calvert
Pete Carey
Karen and Jerome Ceppos
Sue Ellen Chenoweth
Crystal Chow
Sarah Clish
Patricia Curia
Henry J. Down Jr.
Doug Edwards
Karen Enos
John Fensterwald
Barbara Fishman
Karen Fuqua
Dawn Garcia
Ellen Gray
Mary Hanel
Jim and Randy McMullen Harrington
Charles and Nadya Harvey
Ann P. Hayes
Rob Hayes
Laurel Hilton
Rick and Sandra Moll Holden
Carole Lee Hutton
Joanne Jacobs
Patricia and Alva R. Van Camp Jacobson
Mangaliman Jessie
Larry and Claire Jinks
Mark and Judy Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Carolyn and Akira Jung

David and Patricia Kutzmann
Heather and Andy LernerMonte Levinson
Marily Luft
Robert and Virginia Malbon
Kathy Martinelli
Susan McAllister
Peter McCarthy
Kathryn McClelland
Lyle and Barbara McDonald
Nhat Meyer
Eleanor Molloy
Carol Doup and Richard Muller
Deborah Mytels
Cindy and Rob Newberry
Richard and Nancy Noble
Soundra Noda
Tiffany Pease
R. Fred and Joann Pfost
Marsha and David Pollak
Mary L. Polo
Laurel Prevetti
Shay Quillen
Ann Ranish
Evelyn Richards
Gary Richards
Bert Robinson
Vanessa and Todd Schaeffer Rogier
Jean Rummelhoff
Michael and Li Wang Siawleski
Marianne and Joe Sugg
John and Debra Cohen Swartley
The Kattai Family
Monet Thomson
Bracey Tiede
Nancy Toledo
Daniel and Maria Shao Triest
Linda Tumas
Beverly and William Turner
Heather and Andy Urquhart
J.G. and Suzanne Van Stee
Elizabeth Williams
Barry Witt
Frank and Susan Yaeger
Mark Yamamoto
Gwynne Young
Richard & Nancy Noble

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