Giraffe populations in Africa have declined by >40% in the past 15 years

One subspecies, the reticulated giraffe, has declined by > 80% during that time, from ~30,000 to <5,000 individuals. Despite these dramatic declines, few people or organizations have been telling this story or researching giraffe conservation needs. While the world has been focused on the plight of Africa’s 500,000 remaining elephants, the decrease in the total number of giraffes to <80,000 has gone largely unnoticed.

People are the main threat to giraffes

Poverty, lack of food, and the proliferation of automatic weapons have combined to create a dramatic increase in the poaching of wildlife in many areas. People are so hungry that, in some places, they are killing and eating giraffes.

Protect giraffes in Africa

Giraffes are one of Africa’s most iconic species. To preserve them and their legacy, we must begin to tell their story. We have to develop ways for individuals and organizations to help create awareness about this issue, and bring a stop to their dramatic population declines. Current research and conservation efforts require support, and additional projects must be initiated. We must help to educate people living in areas with giraffes, and to provide them with alternative sources of food and income.

Donate an old pair of jeans!

Jeans for Giraffes is collecting denim, and recycling it, to raise money to support giraffe research and to protect giraffe populations in Africa. Any pair of jeans will do, even those that are old and “well loved”.

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