Flashlight safari

(Ages 4+ with an adult)  
Have you ever wondered what happens at the zoo after dark?  Grab your flashlight and join us on an adventure into the wilder side of the zoo.  Venture through the zoo and learn about the nocturnal habits of the zoo animals and even meet a nocturnal animal from our Education Animal Collection up close!  Class fee is for two participants.  Each additional participant is an additional fee.

Nocturnal Senses (4 dates offered)
October 19, 20, 26, or 27
7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Sight, smell, hearing, and touch.  Are your senses good enough to help you get around in the dark?  Come see our nocturnal animals at the zoo and learn about their extreme senses!

Cost: $25* / $10 for additional participant
Class #:

October 19 - 322.2.2081 / Additional Participant: 322.2.2082
October 20 - 322.2.2083 / Additional Participant: 322.2.2084
October 26 - 322.2.2085 / Additional Participant: 322.2.2086
October 27 - 322.2.2087 / Additional Participant: 322.2.2088

* Class fee is for 2 participants.  Each additional participant is an additional fee.

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