Join us in re-opening the crooked house!
Games and face painting from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the crooked house meadow.
Be one of the first to try the new slide!

The foundation would like to acknowledge the efforts of our donors and in-kind supporters who made the Crooked House renovation possible. The original cash infusion that enabled us to kick off the project came from sponsors and guests of the Hoot & Howl, as well as from gifts to our Annual Campaign. Your contributions make a significant difference. The City of San Jose saw the importance of saving this iconic attraction and generously supported the project from the beginning.

From the crew at Santa Clara Fire Department who came in to do demolition work, to all of our friends in the building trades who helped out with materials, design and labor, thank you. A debt of gratitude goes to the Kiwanis, who built the original Crooked House and came back 30 years later to paint the inside, gave their blessing on the direction of the new design and continue to support Happy Hollow financially to this day.

We thank all of you for bringing a vintage attraction back to life for a new generation, and keeping unique play spaces a San Jose hallmark.

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