2013 Fall classes

Inspire your child’s wild side and join the fun!
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Junior Keepers (ages 7-9 years)

Does raking, scooping, feeding, enriching, and caring for zoo animals sound fun and interesting to you?  Then join our zoo crew!  Learn one or more of these zoo keeping skills and help Happy Hollow’s zookeepers take care of our zoo animals.  Jr. Keepers will explore different aspects of zoo keeping throughout the year.    

          Animal Training
Days: Saturday, December 7
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Do zoo animals do tricks? No, but sometimes they are trained to do natural behaviors! Find out what the difference is, how zookeepers train the animals, and why!
Fee: $35 non-members / $31.50 members
Class #: 322.2.0443
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Family Fun (ages 4+ with an adult)

These fun family classes are filled with activities for adults and children to do together. Each class includes interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and meeting live animals up close! Class fee is for 1 child and 1 adult. Please respect age restrictions and do not bring younger siblings to class. Each additional participant requires an additional fee.
Gifts for the Animals
Days: Saturday, December 21
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Join us this holiday season to make gifts for the animals! You and your family will learn about the importance of enrichment in zoos and create a holiday-themed enrichment item to give to one of our zoo animals. If you took this class last year, it will be similar, but we will meet and see different animals.
Fee: $25 non-members / $22.50 members
Additional Participant Fee: $10 per person
Main Class #: 322.2.4061 / Additional Participant #: 322.2.4062
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School Break Camps at Happy Hollow! (ages 5-11)

Bundle up for a Happy Hollow Adventure this winter! In our camps, you’ll have tons of fun with interactive discussions, hands-on activities, live animal encounters, and more! Children attend camps independently (without parents/guardians). 
Winter Break Day Camp
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
If you’ve taken our camps before, this year will be a little different! With the holiday in the middle of the week this year, we are offering single day enrollment for our holiday camps. Join us each day for winter-themed educational games, crafts, and activities. As always, we’ll be sure to spend time on zoo tours and meeting live animals. We will also spend time in the park watching puppet shows, playing at Redwood Lookout, and sampling the rides as weather permits.
Fee: $65 non-members / $58.50 members
Date: Monday, December 23
Class #: 322.2.4011
Date: Thursday, December 26
Class #: 322.2.4012
Date: Friday, December 27
Class #: 322.2.4013
Date: Monday, December 30
Class #: 322.2.4014
Date: Thursday, January 2
Class #: 322.2.4015
Date: Friday, January 3
Class #: 322.2.4016
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