Puppet Theater


Anansi, the spider man, yearns to buy the stories of Myame so that he can bring them to earth and comfort all who inhabit it. Myame agrees to give the stories to Anansi in return for three things. Anansi has to figure out how to capture these things for Myame. What must he bring back to Myame? Will he be able to bring these things to Myame so that earth can finally have the golden box of stories?

Old King Cole

The Tiger and the Frog King - A Tibetan Folktale

A mountain frog is surprised one morning by a hungry, old tiger who would like to eat him up.  The frog declares he is the King of Frogs, which leads to a series of events in which frog has to prove his valor to outwit his opponent.  Will he be able to outsmart the hungry tiger who is tremendously larger than himself?


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