Puppet Theater

Maya la Valiente - Maya the Brave (*New for 2016)

A little girl named Maya, plays in the backyard with her racing snail, Speedy, while she is avoiding performing her Folklorico dance at her Abuela’s (Grandmother’s) party. Her older cousin arrives, tosses Speedy into the shed, and dares Maya to rescue it, disobeying her Abuela by going into the shed. She tells Maya there is treasure in there, but something scary too. What is really inside the shed, and will she be able to save Speedy?

Old King Cole

The Frog Prince

Deep in a forest a beautiful princess plays with her favorite golden ball.  While playing she loses the ball down the water well.  An ugly frog comes to her assistance, asking for only one thing in return.  Will the vain princess make good her promise?


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