Puppet Theater

Old King Cole

Old King Cole is preparing for his friend’s birthday and nothing is going right. He is convinced that he’ll be a better King if he changes his looks. Summoning the Wizard, he demands to be changed despite the objections of his Jester, who likes him just the way he is. The Wizard warns him of the consequences of such changes. Will he do it anyway? Will the changes truly make him a better king?

Old King Cole


A miller boast that his daughter can spin straw into gold. He makes an agreement with the king that if his daughter spins straw into gold the king will marry her. In the castle, the miller’s daughter is faced with the impossible task and begins to cry. Magically, a quirky little man appears, offer in to spin the straw into gold in exchange for a promise from her. She agrees, thinking her problems are solved, but instead they are much worse.


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