Puppet Theater

The Three Pigs

The famous Three Little Pigs need houses to live in to protect them from the Big Bad Wolf. Enter their old friend Danny the Dragon who has a magic word to help them get it right this time. But it doesn’t always work. Will the magic word work in time to help the pigs outsmart the Big Bad Wolf?

The Three Pigs

*The Princess and the Pea

Princess Genevieve arrives at the Castle in hopes of marrying the Prince. However, the Prince’s Mother, Queen Crowsilda, has other plans in mind. With the help of the Jester, Queen Crowsilda decides to trick Genevieve with a small pea. She orders the Jester to collect every mattress in the castle and places a pea at the bottom. Will Genevieve be sensitive enough to feel a pea under 20 mattresses? Or will she sleep soundly through the night?

*Puppets and script created by the late, great Lewis Mahlmann of Children's Fairyland (Oakland, CA) 

Danny the Dragon

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