Puppet Theater

Maya la Valiente 

Maya, a shy 8-year old with a big imagination, is playing in her abuela’s backyard with her snail friend, Speedy. When her older cousin Bianca comes over, she taunts Maya and causes Speedy to crawl into abuela’s old shed! Bianca dares Maya to rescue it, by disobeying her Abuela and going into the shed. She tells Maya there is treasure in there, but something scary too. What is really inside the shed, and will she be able to save Speedy?

Old King Cole

Reyna & Twig's Enchanted Adventure

Reyna, an imaginative little fox, gets lost in an Enchanted Forest. She seeks help from new friends to find her way home, but not everyone is what they seem. How will Reyna get back to her family? Will you join us to help Reyna find her way home?


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