Puppet Theater

The Three Wishes, a traditional fairy tale

The simple lives of a woodcutter and his wife change suddenly, when he begins to cut down a tree that is home to a tree fairy. In exchange for sparing her home, the fairy grants him three wishes. Will having three wishes bring wealth and happiness to the woodcutter and his wife?

Old King Cole

The Piped Piper of Cheddarswiss (Opens November 19, 2016)

Have you heard the story of The Pied Piper of Hamlin, and how he solved their rat problem? Well… our tale is about the Pied Piper’s adventures in the town of Cheddarswiss, the town he visited just before Hamlin. It’s a fun and cheesy little tale of rats of all sorts, and a reminder that, one way or another, we must always “pay the piper”.


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