Fascinated by bees? Want to become a backyard BeeKeeper? Here’s your opportunity! Happy Hollow’s Resident Beekeeper and owner of Willow Glen Honey, Steve Demkowski, will be offering a multi-part workshop in 2014 at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. Learn the basics of beginning beekeeping, equipment needs, and move on to hands on hive management, installing bees, gathering swarms, harvesting honey, mite control and preparing hives for winter.


$250 for all classes and includes the use of all needed equipment, a hive to work with in the Zoo and hands-on training and lectures. Adults only class, must be 18 or over to attend. Maximum number of participants is 12 providing an intimate opportunity to learn about bees. 100% of the workshop fees will benefit Happy Hollow’s conservation efforts. 

For more information and class registration, please click here.



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