Conservation Efforts 

Quarters for Conservation

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is strengthening our commitment to conservation. In November 2015, Happy Hollow will implement the new Quarters for Conservation program. Guests will be given a token every time they visit Happy Hollow. The token represents 25 cents of your entry fee. We use that 25 cents to strengthen our commitment to conservation projects locally and around the globe. Guests can vote on one of four projects. Your vote, combined with the votes of nearly half a million visitors each year, helps the Zoo save endangered animals and their habitats. YOU are part of this exciting contribution to wildlife conservation – thank you!

Learn more about our projects:

Saving - The Last Remaining Mountain Gorillas
Democratic Republic of Congo

For almost 10 years, Happy Hollow has been involved with a group of Park Rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo providing them the equipment they need to save the last 880 Mountain Gorillas in the world. Funds raised have provided salaries, medical equipment, support for the Ranger’s widows and families, a surveillance plane and repair of water well. 

photo of beesProviding – Habitat to Help Save Honey Bees & Native Bees

The zoo is providing pollinator-friendly plants and gardens for the local bee populations. Whether it’s from a window box in your apartment, a garden in your backyard or a green space in your community, our goal is to be a model for what you can do for the bees – from gardens and classes, to selling honey! ”The fact is that of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.” -- United Nations 

Protecting – Jaguars and Their Habitat, Pantanal, Brazil

The Brazilian Pantanal is home to the highest density of jaguars in the world. We are working with Conservationists that are creating a protected jaguar corridor, conducting extensive ecological research, and partnering with local ranchers to weave together jaguar conservation and cattle management practices – everyone wins.

Resolving Conflict – Between Carnivores and Humans, Tanzania

Ruaha Carnivore Project is working with Tanzanians to develop effective conservation strategies that work closely with the local communities to effectively reduce human-carnivore conflict. This is vital work for both people and predators.

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