Coffee & Critters (ages 6-24 months with an adult)

Registration for winter classes opens December 4th, 2017!

February - May 2018
Inspire your child’s wild side and join the fun!
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Adults and their young children come together in this fun and unique program where you’ll meet other zoo families while enjoying morning refreshments. After the morning mingle, you will embark on an exciting walkabout through the zoo and even meet animals up close! Zoo educators will facilitate parents learning early childhood education techniques to connect families with nature through colors, shapes, and play. Class fee is for one child and one accompanying adult. Additional children require an additional fee. Please respect age restrictions and do not bring older or younger siblings to class. 

Tuesdays from 10:00am-11:00am
$21 non-members / $18.90 members

Excellent Ears * February 6th, 2018
Big ears, little ears, no ears at all? Discover how animals' ears help them survive and even how some do more than just listen.

Exceptional Eyes * February 27th, 2018
My, what big eyes you have! The better to see food, friends, and foes with! Meet animals with exceptional eyesight and learn why they see so well.

Nothing but Noses * March 6th, 2018
How do you know whether it's safe to eat a ripe apple or a rotten egg? The nose knows! Learn how animals use their noses to sniff out a tasty treat or even how they get to know their neighbors! 

Hands and Feet * March 20th, 2018
We use our hands and feet for many things: digging, running, hopping, swinging, and so much more. Learn how animals use their paws, hands, and hooves to do the same. 

Registration for the following classes opens February 24th, 2018

Tongues and Teeth * April 10th, 2018
Animals use their tongues and teeth for more than just eating! Discover how different teeth chew different food and how some tongues stretch for food that's out of reach!

Tremendous Tails * April 24th, 2018
Curly, straight, fanned, or hidden - tails come in many forms and have many functions! Learn how animals use their tails in a variety of different ways!

Fur, Feathers and Scales * May 1st, 2018
Each animal's body is covered differently making them look and feel unique. Join us as we visit animals who are covered with fur, feathers, or scales!

Colors and Camouflage * May 15th, 2018
There are animals that stand out and others that blend in! Come meet animals of different colors and patterns and find out whether they like to hide or want to be seen!

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